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tablet counting machine|capsule counting machine

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        tablet counting machine|capsule counting machine adopts advanced vibration and multi-channel feeder, computer control, dynamic scan counting, transfer the bottle automatically, system test automatically. The machine With Error alarm, Stop automatically function and other advanced technology. This machine designed with GMP standard. Compose the light, electric machinery to one set, which is suitable for tablet or capsule counting and bottling process.

  tablet counting machine|capsule counting machine Key Features:

  • Speeds up to 40cpm based on 100-count bottles with vibration system 

  • Counter discrepancies is less than 1‰

  • Operation stable and lower noise

  • Bottle convey smoothly with dual-track conveyor

  • Full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable

  • Touch screen Control System which is easy to control 

  • Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls

  • On-Screen trouble description which is easy to solve 

  tablet counting machine|capsule counting machine Industry Type(s)

  •      Nutrition Care

  •      Pharmaceuticals

  •      Food & beverage

Industry Type(s)

capusule counting
pill counting tablet counting

1622426107542387.jpg1622426093894550.jpgpill counting machine.jpg

  tablet counting machine|capsule counting machine  Specifications:

Counting Speed800-4000 pieces/minute
Bottle height40mm-100mm
Bottleneck diameterΦ38– 80 mm
Bottle diameterΦ20 mm – 80 mm
Size of tabletΦ5 mm – 15 mm
Size of capsule0# – 5#
Power source & consumption3.6KW, 220v, single phase, 50-60HZ
Compressed air pressure87 Psi (6 Kgs/ cm2)
Dimensions (L*W*H)1800mm×1550mm×1750 mm
Air supply pressure0.5-0.6 Mpa
Working directionLeft → Right (or Right → Left)

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