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Horizontal Counting and Packaging Machine

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S-130 packaging main machine standard configuration:

Bottom seal Unit

V-sharp Standard Unit

Horizontal sealing unit

Vertical sealing unit

Mechanical scissors

Easy tearing notch cutter

Set of vacuum bag opening device

Automatic material-level control system 

Photocell tracking control system

LCD touch-control operation system

PLC control system

10-digital cold embosser         

An operation manual in English

Counting unit

Key Features:

Suitable all standard and irregular shapes and all sizes of tablets, capsules, caplets etc.

Counting discrepancies is less than 1‰

Operation stable and lower noise

Bottle convey smoothly with dual-tracks conveyor

High speed filling with dual-nozzle

full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable

Touch screen Control System which is easy to control 

Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls

On-Screen trouble description which is easy to solve 



  1. 1.estimated volume size, actual volume depends on actual material

  2. 2.speed calculation is based on empty sachet without filling, filling may cause speed variation

  3. 3.estimated dimension without any accessory add on

   Counting part Specifications:


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