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  • category: Liquid filler

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  • Release date: 2020/03/16
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Detailed information:

1 this machine is suitable for liquid filling and sealing with glass or plastic syringes, other forms of syringe can be customized.

2 filling nozzle at the same time filling, sealing rubber plug can be used in the way, other shape of the syringe can be customized.

3 rubber plug and fill in the synchronous and improve the finished product qualification rate.

4 all contact parts are made of 316L SUS stainless steel and medical silicone rubber.

5 touch screen display all working status, real-time automatic alarm display fault location, fault tips and save the record, support a variety of languages.

6 ceramic plunger pump out of the liquid loading and accuracy of the adjustment, only to be completed on the touch screen, without any tools.

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