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  • Release date: 2020/03/16
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 Eyedrop filling machine is suitable for a variety of materials 2-20ML round and flat plastic or glass bottles. This machine is composed of high precision convex.Wheel indexing mechanism provided on the scale dividing disc positioning plug cover; acceleration cam provide lifting screw head; constant torque.Rotary cover; measuring and filling of the creeping pump; touch screen control, no bottle no filling, no bottle, outer cover.Stability, protect the bottle cap, the measurement accuracy. The operation is simple and so on.


The microcomputer setting, load precision, convenient operation.

The engine speed is stepless frequency conversion.

The production of automatic quantitative control.

The multiple fault prompt functions (such as low pressure. No filling, no plug etc.).

Auto stop function, on any track there is no filling, no inner plug can automatically stop.

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