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Automatic bottle packaging linkage production line is composed of a bottle, a number of pieces of paper, plug paper, capping, aluminum foil sealing, pressure sensitive, such as single cylinder production line.

        High automation, simple operation, stable operation, can effectively save the cost of enterprises, improve production efficiency.

        Each unit can independently complete its work, have an independent operating system, as well as the numerical control display and other electrical components to control the adjustment of the parameters, and display settings. Can help enterprises to achieve standardized production

        Each single linkage, separation, fast, and the adjustment of fast, simple, so that the production of each process to ensure coordination.

        The single machine can adapt to the packaging of various specifications of the bottle, and the adjustment of the parts is few.

        The packaging production line using the international Hin process design, in line with the GMP standard.

        Production line running smoothly, each function combination is convenient, the maintenance is convenient, can according to the customer each product craft request to carry on the various production combination.

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