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  An innovation design multi-function compact package system, which is consists of 8 channel counter, desiccant pouch insert and rotary capper with cap feeding elevator. It is ideal packing machine for lab and space limited customer. The machine handles a wide variety of tablets, caplets and both hard and soft capsules with different shapes and sizes bottle and cap.

Key Features:

Counting-inserting-capping mono-block design

Suitable for various capsule with different transparency

Speeds up to 30 cpm based on capsule size No. 1 (100 pieces/bottle)

Counter discrepancies is less than 1‰

Operation stable and lower noise

Desiccant pouch or cotton stripe inserter (Optional)

Touch screen Control System which is easy to control

Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls

Stainless Frame


Industry Type(s)

Nutrition Care


Food & beverage


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