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Big data era, using data to look at the development of the Chinese medicine industry

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The Chinese medicine industry is a highly profitable industry with high product profitability. As a national pharmaceutical industry in China, traditional Chinese medicine has long been an important area for China's pharmaceutical policy support. With the rapid development of China's economy for many years, the TCM industry has maintained a good momentum of development.

In February 2016, the Outline of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016-2030) was issued. The plan proposed to promote the digital, networked, and intelligent construction of the Chinese medicine industry, accelerate the standardization and modernization of Chinese medicine production processes and processes, and gradually form large-scale Chinese medicine For enterprise groups and industrial clusters, the total output value of the Chinese medicine industry accounts for more than 30% of the total output value of the pharmaceutical industry. This is a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity for the Chinese medicine industry and enterprises.

Chinese medicine industry business cycle

 Chinese medicine industry

At present, the development of Chinese medicine manufacturing industry in China has the following characteristics:

Competitive characteristics: Due to the extensive foundation of the industry, the market competition for products is very fierce, and the commercial cycle of general products is short, especially for bulk products. The decisive factors for effectively extending the business cycle of a product are "brand" and "feature". Such as "Tong Ren Tang" Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, Wuji Baifeng Pills, Zhangzhou's "Pien Tze Huang" lasted for hundreds of years, and it was mainly a brand effect.

Demand characteristics: With the emergence of an aging society, consumers' awareness of health care has continued to increase, and the demand for Chinese medicine has continued to rise. With the reform of the medical system, more consumers will enjoy comprehensive medical insurance, which will definitely increase the consumption of traditional Chinese medicine products. In addition, health care is related to personal health and is an industry that is constantly developing. With the development of the economy, the traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing industry will definitely develop in the long run.

Production characteristics: From the perspective of the entire Chinese medicine manufacturing industry in the country, the proportion of loss-making companies in the total number of enterprises in the industry has decreased year by year, indicating that the industry's production situation has developed steadily.

Development Status of Chinese Medicine Industry

With the rapid development of the Chinese medicine industry in China, the service capacity has been significantly enhanced, and the scale of the Chinese medicine industry has expanded significantly. The annual scale of China's traditional Chinese medicine industry has reached more than 410 billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the domestic pharmaceutical market. The export of traditional Chinese medicine has reached US $ 2.332 billion, and there are nearly 1,500 Chinese medicine production enterprises in the country.

Today, the United States has become the third largest market for Chinese herbal medicine exports. In the first half of 2015, the total value of Chinese herbal medicine exports to the United States reached US $ 270 million, accounting for 14.1% of China's Chinese medicine exports, of which plant extracts accounted for 78.2% of Chinese medicine exports to the United States.

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