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  • Company Vision:

    Become the world's most reliable provider of industrial automation products and solutions.

  • Company Creed:

    Establish a customer-centric service concept, provide customers with simple operation, stable operation of automation products and system integration, so that users can rest assured, worry-free and comfortable.

  • company's core values:

    Fangxing implements the "brand + service" business strategy

    Always adhere to the product "close to the market, close to the enterprise, close to the user";

    The service strives to be "faster, wider and better";

    In line with the business philosophy of "responsible to the brand at all times and always satisfying customers", we will continue to provide customers with excellent products and consistent services wholeheartedly.

  • Company purpose:

    To provide customers with value beyond expectations, to provide employees with a stage for self-realization; to bring partners a win-win and common prosperity cooperation space; to contribute to a stable and harmonious development direction for the society.

  • To customers:we must listen to and understand the needs of customers, and then meet these needs, and then exceed customer expectations; 

  • To employees:

    Obligation to adopt an effective distribution mechanism to increase economic commitment; create a good development space to increase ideal commitment; cultivate a harmonious interpersonal environment to increase emotional commitment; build corporate culture to increase normative commitment;

  • To partners:

    mutual promotion and sustainable development in brand communication; mutual collaboration and sharing in technological innovation to promote industry progress; mutual exploration and reference in management innovation, and work together to achieve win-win cooperation. 

  • To society:

    The pursuit of maximum profit has never been our main driving force or primary goal. In addition to making money, we should also actively take on the responsibilities of social citizens. Among them, taxation is one aspect. Equally important is environmental protection.  

  • company spirit:

    The difference between products and products lies in the details; service has only a starting point, and satisfaction has no end.