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FX air-cooled aluminum foil sealing machine

  • category: FX air-cooled aluminum foil sealing machine

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  • Release date: 2019/11/30
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Product introduction: Feature

Electromagnetic induction composite aluminum foil sealing machine is a new generation of sealing equipment that replaces backward processes such as cork and dipping wax. Suitable for sealing plastic bottles (materials: PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET) and glass bottles in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetics and other industries. The aluminum foil sealed by electromagnetic induction can effectively prevent bottled items from overflowing, dampening and mildew, and prolong the storage period of the sealed items. Printing a trademark on aluminum foil can also effectively prevent the production of counterfeit products. Features: Can be directly connected to the production line, saving space.

The Auto Induction Sealer is a versatile, self contained and compact sealer. A great addition to any

packaging line for customers that want that added foil seal on their product

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