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Introduction to pill counting machine

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A tablet counting machine is a device used to automatically count and package tablets, often used in pharmaceutical production lines to improve production efficiency and accuracy.

The tablet counting machine senses the passage of tablets through a sensor, then quickly counts them, and finally puts a predetermined number of tablets into a pouch or container. Photoelectric counting, vibration feeding, vacuum suction and other technologies are usually combined to ensure accurate counting and packaging.

Benefits of using tablet counting and packaging machines:

1. Improve production efficiency: The tablet counting machine works quickly and can quickly and accurately complete tablet counting and packaging, greatly improving production efficiency.

2. Accurate counting: The tablet counting machine uses sophisticated sensors and counting technology to accurately count each tablet and avoid errors caused by manual counting.

3. Reduce labor costs: Automated tablet counting machines can reduce manual participation, reduce production costs, and improve packaging consistency and quality.

4. Convenient packaging: The tablet counting machine can quickly pack a predetermined number of tablets into small bags or containers for subsequent packaging and sales.

Almost all pills with regular shapes and consistent sizes can be counted and packaged using a pill counting machine, including tablets, capsules, ointments, etc. Especially some small tablets with a large number are more suitable for counting and packaging by a pill counting machine.

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